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The Studio synENA, was established in 1984 from me and George Makris. Here I learned the art of sound engineering, and because I was also a musician, I took the next step. CBS released my first record “Fysa to kalami sou”, a collection of old and new songs of mine. During the next years, some of my songs are included in Petros Dourdoubakis discography.

The following years I worked as a sound engineer / musician, with artists as:
George Trandalidis, George Makris, George Koukios, Vagelis Gremanos, Vagelis Korakakis, Synithis Ypoptoi, Apourimac, Xanomai giati Pembazo, Notios Ichos, En Plo, Glykeria, Sabina Giannatou, Vasilis Rakopoulos, Vasilis Nikolaidis, Petros Dourdoubakis, Chainides, Eleni Legaki, Nikos Oikonomidis, Giannis, Zevgolis, Lakis Papadopoulos, George Magas, Periklis Koukos, Nikos Kypourgos, Mode Plagal, Kostas Pitsos, Mariza Koch, Stavros Papastavrou,
Dimitris Maragopoulos, Iraklis Paschalidis, Takis Barberis, and many more....

In 1994 I finished the production of a new album with organic songs titled “Internal Voices”. Compositions in monotonic Dorian and Byzantine style, which today are characterized as “ethnic”. After months of recording, the help of Anthony Apergis and Vagelis Peppas was invaluable.

Up to the year 1998, studio synEna released more than 300 albums, which have my name as sound engineer and musician.