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I wrote my first songs in 1971-72, during high school’s years at Komotini city. Almost every night, together with my friend George Kyratzoglou, we play and try new songs. The band was called “Rovoam”. We record most of them on a small portable cassette recorder, so we didn’t forget them.

In 1973 I came to Athens to study Architecture at National Polytechnic University. During those years, I continue writing songs but my studies and some new interests (photography, printing, super 8 movies), took most of my time.


In 1981-82, I was in the army. But lucky me, I was transferred at Komotini and this was the start of some new musical adventures once again with my friend George.


After the army, I came back in Athens to open synENA club. It was a live music bar. Together with George Koukios and Vagelis Peppas, we had a new band named “Oknana”. We played our songs.


At 1984, when I closed the bar, George and Vagelis made another band “Morel” (with Nikos Sidirokastritis and Michalis Vernardakis). It was that time I took the big step and build a recording studio, studio synENA . . .